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Floating Therapy


                The benefits of floatation therapy

Provides relief from stress

When participating in a float session, everything on the outside is shut out, and this provides you with an environment that lets the nervous system take a break after constant exposure to anxieties and stresses that it goes through so regularly.

Helps you sleep better

Float therapy has been proven to enhance sleep quality. Reports have shown that a floatation session that lasts around 60 minutes is able to compare side by side to the sensation of having an entire night of uninterrupted rest. The end result is that you leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and therapeutic.

Reduces chronic pain

The relaxation that is triggered by floating in a calm and secluded environment will fill a patient’s body with endorphins that help relieve and reduce pain. For a patient who knows about the many hardships of chronic pain, this can make a huge difference. 

What To Expect From a Float Therapy Session


Warm water saturated with Epsom salt fills the tank, which gives the water buoyancy, allowing you to float effortlessly. The salty water is heated to match your body temperature. 

You can wear a swimsuit and earplugs to reduce sound. The lights will be off in the room with the sensory deprivation tank. You can keep the lid on the tank open, slightly closed, or completely shut once inside.

Here are some tips for your first float therapy session:

  • Avoid touching your face when you begin your float therapy session. The salt may irritate your eyes or get in your nose.

  • Breathe deeply from your diaphragm.

  • Do your best to return your focus to your breath if you become nervous or anxious during the float therapy session.

  • Find a comfortable, still position and focus on breathing slowly and intentionally.

  • Use mindfulness techniques to observe any fearful thoughts that may pop up while in the sensory deprivation tank. Allow them to float away.

Sensory deprivation tank therapy sessions typically last around one hour.

Please bring your own towel.

Who Should Avoid It

Consider talking with a healthcare provider about the benefits and possible risks of float therapy if you have the following:

  • Claustrophobia: Being in a sensory deprivation tank might trigger an extreme fear of enclosed spaces.

  • Epilepsy: There may be injury risks if someone were to have a seizure while in the sensory deprivation tank.

  • Hypotension (low blood pressure): Float therapy can decrease blood pressure. People with low blood pressure might consider speaking with a healthcare provider before trying float therapy.  

  • Infections and open sores: Infection-causing microbes spread easily in warm, wet environments, such as a sensory deprivation tank. Cover open wounds or wait until they heal to avoid contracting and spreading infections.

  • Epsom salt may cause skin irritation, redness, and swelling. Infection outbreaks have occurred in sensory deprivation tanks, though it's rare.

  • Kidney disease

  • Diabetes that is not under medical control 

  • Heart attack (recently), severe arterial disease or other cardiovascular problem

  • History of dizziness, fainting spells, heat sensitivity, narcolepsy or seizures 

  • Sensitivities to sulfate or magnesium

  • Do not use the float pod if your hair colouring is still bleeding/transferring colour when wet. To test, wet your hair and rub it vigorously with a white towel. If there is any colour transfer, you cannot float. Permanent hair dyes that are not bleeding colour are OK.

  • The use of drugs, medications, or alcohol prior to or during the float session may lead to dizziness or unconsciousness and is prohibited.

  •  Exit the float pod if you feel nauseous, light-headed, dizzy or heat exhausted.

  •  Please consult your physician if you are in doubt regarding your ability to use the float pod.

  •  Shaving prior to floatation is discouraged, as freshly shaved areas may tingle or burn.


UV Cleaning

A UV (Ultra Violet) Sanitiser is utilised within the control box, and can destroy up to 99.9% of microorganisms as the solution passes through it.

Automatic Filtration

The tank runs a heating and cleaning cycle inbetween each floatation session. With 'Auto Heat' option enabled the tank will maintain your desired temperature throughout the day, ensuring that the float tank is ready to float 24/7.

LED Lighting

Colour-changing LED lighting is perfect for relaxation and can be controlled from inside the float tank.

MP3 Audio

A built in MP3 system and underwater speakers produce high quality audio, which can be customised using an online web portal or USB port. The only float tank on the market with web music manager.

External Filtration Unit

The ‘Control Box’ which houses the pump. filter, heater and electronics is kept seperate from the floatation tank. This ensures a quiet floatation experience and has many advantages over an integrated float pod.

Automatic Dosing

The Solo Float Tank features an automatic chemical dosing system, which sanitises the water inbetween every float.

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